Having performed for Anirudh’s #OnceUponATime & Yuvan’s #HIGHONU1 tour, Manny is unleashing his talent across the world having performed for weddings and events companies in numerous countries.

about mannyxmusic

Established in the wedding industry driven by his deep passion for South Asian music and a shared desire to spread its enchanting mixes to a wider audience. Manny’s journey began humbly, entertaining small gatherings, and steadily garnered a loyal following. Today, his services has expanded its presence internationally, gracing some of the bespoke South Asian weddings and events. 


Manny captivates the audience with expertly mixed tracks, seamless transitions, and unique remixes. He reads the crowd, maintaining high energy and engagement. Using effects, samples, and live remixing, Manny creates dynamic moments. Collaborating with lighting and visual technicians, he enhances the overall experience. Manny also collaborates with live musicians, connecting with the audience and curating a captivating musical journey.


At clubs, Manny becomes the musical conductor, curating an exhilarating flow of tracks. He adapts to the crowd’s vibe, seamlessly mixing and blending songs. Utilising effects and creative blends, he creates dynamic moments of anticipation and release. In sync with lighting and visuals, Manny provides a multi-sensory experience that ignites the energy on the dance floor. Their mission is to create an unforgettable night of music and euphoria.


Manny sets a joyful tone at weddings, curating diverse music for all guests. Seamlessly transitioning between moments, coordinate special events, and engage the crowd. With intuitive song choices and skilful mixing, he keeps the dance floor alive. Their role goes beyond music, serving as an host/emcee and creating a memorable celebration.


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